Art-ish: Cardboard Treat Box

Oscar Karlen

Oscar Karlen, Staff Reporter

The internet is full of arts and crafts: simple, complex, and asinine. You’ve probably seen or at least heard of the bizarre “life hacks” shown daily by Youtube channels like 5 Minute Crafts, things no one would ever actually try. I attempt them to see whether they’re worth the time required in Art-ish.

For this article, I decided to get into the holiday spirit and put together a gift of some kind for my dogs.

I ultimately decided to make the cardboard box toy described in the American Kennel Club article “DIY Cognitive Dog Toys for When You Are Stuck at Home.” I used a small cardboard box, some heavy-duty scissors, dry dog food, and tape.

Ideally, treats fall out of the box when it’s moved around, and so your dog has to whack the box around to get them all out. The box I made didn’t work nearly as well as I had hoped.

When presented to my dog, she just looked at me in confusion. It took a lot of vigorous shaking to demonstrate the box’s intended use, and while she tried pushing it around on the floor, she wasn’t able to get any out that way. Her next decision was to beg until I opened the box for her. 

Part of the problem was the box I chose, which was very short with a wide base and thus hard to grab if you don’t have hands. However, I suspect that the dimensions of a box don’t really matter, and the main issue is that it’s…well, box-shaped. It seems to me like something easier to roll around would be more effective. The concept itself is sound, and perhaps next time I try it, I’ll use a toilet paper tube or something like it.

Although this craft was no good, maybe the next one will be. Check back soon for the next edition of “Art-ish.”