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Saying goodbye to our basketball and cheer seniors!

With the season coming to an end, The Nest wanted to sit down, talk to, and appreciate our graduating seniors of winter sports. Out of the basketball and cheer teams, there are three seniors: Carter Bowman, Anna Jones, and Kamari Mace.


Carter Bowman (12) dribbles around the opposing team’s defense. (Ell Forney)

Carter Bowman has had a passion for basketball almost all his life, playing ever since first grade. He’s a shooting guard who aids the team with his three-point shooting skills, excellent defense, and keeping everyone’s morale high. Bowman’s favorite memory was when they beat Valley Park last year to go to the district championship game. Bowman recalls, “I made the news one time for last year’s district semi-final game, they put me on there for one clip.” Bowman’s advice to future athletes is “Don’t quit.” Although he does not have any future plans to commit professionaly to basketball, Bowman still hopes to play for fun.



Senior Anna Jones prepares to pass the ball to her teammate Kensington Curd (12). (Sophia Lee)

Anna Jones has been playing basketball for her entire high school career, starting the sport way back in second grade. Jones helps the team out with her rebounding skills. “We all got close because of how little there is of us,” Jones remarked. What motivates Jones to play is the fun she has with her teammates. She is proud of her basketball career, averaging about fourteen rebounds per game last season. Jones leaves the team with advice, saying, “Have fun and work hard.”




With her team, Kamari Mace stomps and cheers the Eagles on. (Ell Forney)

Kamari Mace has been cheering for all four years of high school. Initially starting her cheerleading career at six years old, she quit at the age of twelve because she lost interest. But upon entering high school, she picked it back up. Her passion for cheer was reignited when she saw that Brentwood did a lot of stomp and shake cheers. Mace’s teammate Sariah Bailey (11) and the other lower-classmen on the squad also helped her find her love for cheer again. Mace says her favorite memories are “Getting ready before the games together. It’s like basically having our own little shop, doing hair, lashes, and edges.” Mace will be missed, but she leaves the advice of “Try to have fun and just enjoy the moments.”


These special seniors have made amazing contributions to each of their teams and they will be missed so much. Their last ever game of the season, which is Senior Night, is on February 13th.


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