Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021


I think we can all agree that accepting change for 2021 has never been so easy. From Australia facing devastating fires, locust outbursts in Africa, Black Lives Matter protests, politics flooding the news, and lastly, the unwelcoming virus, COVID-19, we all want this never-ending nightmare to be over. 

Now is the time to set goals for 2021, and to find ways to cope with the effects of 2020. Whether it’s wanting to improve grades or working on being the best version of yourself, we all are on a mission to make this year better and to not let outside influences get in our way. 

Junior Kadence Vick wants this year to be a year of improving her physical and mental health. She states, “I want to be able to feel really good about myself.” Sophomore Ian Thornton has the same idea and wants to get stronger and better at sports. 

Sophomore Louis Magee shares that, “For the rest of the school year I want to better myself as a student and a classmate.”  

For seniors, 2021 is going to be a critical time when finding out what they want to pursue after graduation. Senior Owen Brotherton states, “My 2021 resolution is finding out what I want to do after high school.” Senior Jack Hampel says, “I am looking forward to meeting new people when I go to college, and to further my education.” 

Along with establishing resolutions, it is also important to note things that you are excited about that are going to happen in the new year and what you are looking forward to. Freshman Addi Penden shares, “I am excited to get my driver’s license this year so I can drive around with my friends.” Senior Michael Jones states, “I am looking forward to spending one last summer with my friends before college.” 

At the end of the day, it is up to you to make this year your year, and with the help of awesome teachers and supportive classmates, you can get through anything.