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2023 Senior Superlative winners … the complete list

Haylie Minshall and Max Pulliam hang outside of car window for their senior superlative “Best on Aux.”

As Brentwood says goodbye to the class of 2023, we are overwhelmed with nostalgia for their time here at Brentwood. Our fun way of reminiscing is with something called senior superlatives! Senior superlatives are cool and silly awards the senior class votes on for each other. Each year the BHS yearbook staff comes up with the categories. Some are based on their past and others predict their future. Since the yearbook was distributed yesterday and everyone saw who the winners were, we thought we’d officially announce it here too! To note: This list is actually longer since not every superlative could fit into the yearbook.

Some of the superlatives were rather random like “Most Likely to be on The Bachelor” which Katherine Trostel won. “I know Amelia [Van Uum] said she voted for me because one time I said to her ‘I would go on 90 Day Fiance before I would die alone,” explained Trostel with a laugh. “I don’t remember saying that to her, but I’m not surprised that I did.” While Trostel doesn’t even watch The Bachelor anymore, having only watched it a little bit in 8th and 9th, she does still love reality TV. “My current obsession is Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” she said.

Some of the superlative winners weren’t surprised that they won like Annsleigh Alexander who won “Most Athletic” along with Ian Thornton. However, what was a surprise was the photo senior Amelia Van Uum and Journalism teacher Julie Cohen had them take for the Senior Superlative spread for the yearbook. In the photo, Thornton and Alexander wore each others’ uniforms and used each others’ sporting equipment to battle each other.

“It was a fun experience, I’m glad we chose to do that,” Alexander said, laughing about Thornton having to wear a wrestling singlet. He didn’t wear her exact one though, so she figured it was pretty fair.

Ian Thornton and Annsleigh Alexander fight with their sports equipment for their senior superlative “Most Athletic.” (Amelia Van Uum )

Being the photographer for the senior superlative photos was something Amelia Van Uum had been looking forward to. She had helped out with the photo shoots for the past two years while on the yearbook staff but this year, she was fully in charge. “It was hard to not tell people because I was really excited for them to find out what they got, but I think it’s more fun when everyone sees the results in the yearbook,” she said. Van Uum enjoyed seeing how everyone voted, she said, “The voting results from each person were very interesting, but coming up with the different photo concepts was definitely my favorite part.”

This year there were 24 senior superlatives awarded, and here are the winners:

Best Dressed:

Kevon Stanciel, Lilly Lancaster

Biggest Comedian:

Simeon Cooper

Simeon Cooper won “Biggest Comedian.” (Amelia Van Uum)

Most Athletic:

Ian Thornton, Annsleigh Alexander

Biggest Flirt:

Nick Phillips

Most Changed:

Luca Gould, Cate Wagner

Worst Driver: 

Mattie Robinson

Most likely to be in the FBI/CIA:

Hannah Murphy, Bodhi Etheridge

Best person to go to for advice:

Amelia Van Uum

Most likely to be late to graduation:

Kennadie Miller, Sebastian Flores

Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket:

Ethan Barks

Most likely to work for NASA:

Abhi Deep, Andrew Chehval

Best Laugh:

Jamia Welch

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse:

Reed Durham

Most school spirit:

Jazzy Herrera, Andrew Moran

Most creative:

Ana Sanchez

Most likely to be ID’d at 30:

Hannah Murphy, Andrew Moran, Andrew Chehval

Best on aux:

Haylie Minshall, Max Pulliam

Biggest Animal Lover:

Eloise Ayotte

Most likely to stay in Brentwood/Cutest couple that never was:

Louis Magee, Katherine Trostel

Biggest Bromance:

JD Allen & John Clay

Best Gal-pals:

Mackenzie Hamilton & Domonique Taylor

Most likely to become a CEO:

Nina’Symone Arties, Nick Moran

Most likely to go off the grid (In a van):

Amelia Van Uum, Bodhi Etheridge

Most likely to be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette:

John Clay, Simeon Cooper, Katherine Trostel

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