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Brentwood High School Blood Drive


The American Red Cross says Donating blood is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood. Right now, eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to give soon.

Every year Brentwood partners with the American Red Cross for this important event. The Red Cross brings all their equipment and Brentwood students and teachers are the welcoming donors. The Community Blood Center says about 4.5 million Americans will need blood transfusions each year. 

According to StuCo President, Madison Lawrence, blood drives are very impactful because they go a long way. “You might think that it’s only a pint of blood, but it will always go to someone who really needs it which is super special and important to be a part of.”

To get everything done easily, StuCo had to talk with the Red Cross to pick a perfect date that worked for both of them. The Red Cross sent in sign-up forms and permission slips for sixteen-year-old students. The forms were given to different advisories and students could sign up themselves, parents, or siblings who were eligible. If interested in donating blood, donors had to be at least sixteen with parental consent in some states, like Missouri. Donors must also weigh at least 110 lbs, and additional height and weight requirements apply for donors 18 years old and younger, as well as all high school student donors. All participants were transferred into a time slot and things moved effortlessly during the drive. “When we all work together to get something done, the results are awesome,” says Lawrence.

For the rest of the year, StuCo has several more events planned such as Dance for a Difference, the Greener Game, and the End of the Year Barbecue. Lawrence says, “If anyone has any pictures they want to send in for the end of the year slideshow, please send them to [email protected]. We hope the rest of the school year will come to an awesome end.”

A huge thank you to everyone who donated blood, every drop counts, and these donations save lives every single day.

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